Our Approach


Physio for Kids


For Babies ...

Once the goals of therapy have been established, Lara will show you how to position, lift and move your baby in ways that will encourage him or her to respond positively to achieve these goals. Treatment for babies is best achieved through social interaction and play using songs, talking and bright interactive toys- all of which you’ll find with Lara.


For Younger Kids ...

For younger children treatment will most commonly take the form of games and activities. Often pre-school children can take a while to respond to a new face- Lara has a warm manner and takes her time to gain trust and a rapport through sharing books, toys, and activities while chatting with you. Your child will quickly feel that the focus is not just with them, and so will be ready to show off their skills in no time! Lara will make sure it’s a fun and motivating way for your child to achieve their physiotherapy goals. And they will get to take home their very own Go Physio folder with special activities.


For Older Kids ...

The best results are achieved here by Lara devising a program around your child's own individual interests. This ensures that the activities are ones they enjoy and are motivated by. Where possible there will be challenges or scores to beat using a specifically designed chart, and so physiotherapy never becomes a chore. By feeling responsible for their own progress your child will get a real sense of pride and achievement.


In all age groups, Lara will work in partnership with you (or your child if they are older) as you are shown how to carry out the physiotherapy at home. This ensures that your child makes speedy progress.