Your First Visit


You'll find Go Physio situated at Cara Physiotherapy and Healthcare Clinic.


When you step through the door you'll be greeted with a warm welcome. It's important that you and your child feel comfortable and relaxed.


If it is your very first time here, Lara will sit down with you and listen to your concerns. It’s vital that she finds out what you and your child would like to achieve through physiotherapy.

This will then be followed by a full assessment in our spacious environment. There are lots of exciting toys for your child to play with as well as a whole host of activities suitable for kids of all ages.

Once we’ve discussed the findings of the assessment, we’ll then decide what the treatment goals are and how long it will take to achieve these.


  * In some cases a Once-Off Session to give advice and re-assurance is all that is required.
  * In others a Set of Activities and tasks will be given and reviewed every few weeks as progress is achieved.
  * Some children may respond more positively to a Block of Input given regularly over a number of weeks.


Lara will work in partnership with you as you are shown how to carry out the physiotherapy at home. This will greatly help to speed up your child’s progress.